ABB Robotics Ireland

ABB is the worlds foremost supplier of industrial robots. We are very proud to be an ABB strategic partner. Together we hold a strong focus on improving productivity, safety and product quality. As Irelands leading ABB robotics integrator we have an intense product knowledge and understand the best robot for each application.


ABB Robotics Range


ABB has a great ranger of robots with a wide range of capabilities. With the lifting capacity up to 800kg of the IRB 8700 or the precise handling capability of the YuMi Cobot there is a robot for each job. An ever popular product is the ABB IRB360 flexpicker which is considered the best Delta robot on the market. For more information on ABB Robotics products please get in touch today. ABB have developed task specific robots capable of welding, spray-painting, palletizing among many others.

ABB are dedicated to offering great solutions with a speedy return on investment. If you want to find out the return on investment for your business check out the ABB return on investment calculator.