News from our Open Event

Ireland of 2013 is an extremely competitive environment with cost saving, value for money, increased productivity and flexibility some of the major driving forces facing every company today, irrespective of size. Understanding these challenges Robotics & Drives held our very first open two day event on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th May in our purpose built facility in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

This offered business owners the opportunity to come and view a whole host of live automation demonstrations and to speak with our automation specialists on how best to achieve these targets on their production lines through investment in robotic and variable speed drive technology.

After all the hard work, late nights and worry the event was a huge success and something to be very proud of, leaving us with a strong desire to offer this type of event to businesses again in the future.

For every one who attended and shared the experience with us, we would like to thank you and for those of you who couldn’t make it, we hope this will encourage and entice you to check us out further and contact us for any automation or variable speed drive needs you may have, or indeed if you require some technical advice or assistance we are more than willing to help.

We had 10 live demonstrations running continuously over the 2 days – including a Welding Robot for metal fabrication applications.


Industrial robots were first introduced to factories by General Motors in 1961. Since then robots are becoming an increasingly important part of modern living and are used widely across numerous industry sectors. Some of the robots we showcased we have installed in the food & beverage, medical, automotive, agricultural and manufacturing industries. This was a great opportunity for us to display our work, technical abilities and to show business people that they don’t have to travel abroad to witness an event such as this, or indeed to invest in applications of such quality and technical capabilities – it’s all happening right here in Robotics & Drives, Mullingar.

Another of the robots on display was a Picker Robot, capable of 150 picks/min incorporating vision and continuous or indexing conveyor tracking of product  for the confectionery, medical, or food and beverage industries.


A Stint Delivery System Robot, incorporating the use of vision to provide robot co-ordinates for assembly of extremely small parts for the medical industry.



A Palletising Robot using a balloon gripper to palletise rolls, the gripper also handles slip sheets and pallets

Roll Palletizer222

Also on display was a number of variable speed drives – a variable speed drive is a piece of equipment that regulates the speed and rotational force, or torque output, of an electric motor.

Electric motors account for 45% of the total global electricity consumption. ABB estimates that its drives in operation worldwide save about 115 million mega watt hours of electricity every year, the equivalent of 14 nuclear reactors!

Robotic & Drives offer you a complete range of variable speed drives to improve and reduce the way we use electricity.

We have had some very positive feedback from people who attended the show. One business man emailed saying “I would like to congratulate all involved for putting together a show which was second to none. It took me totally by surprise, my only regret was not going on the Thursday morning and having another look on the Friday. I wish you all every success for the future and it was great to see a company with such technical abilities on our door step.” Another writing to say “The event was very impressive and interesting.”

We had people in attendance from all over Ireland and from as far away as Sweden, Finland, Poland and the UK.

Check out our gallery page for more photos and videos from the event and remember for all your automation & variable speed drive needs ring us, or call in for a visit.

If you think it can’t be done, Robotics & Drives can do it.

Open Day Event