Robotics and Automation in Ireland

As Ireland returns to growth companies are looking at a new set of issues post recession. Skill shortages in certain areas, increasing competition and uncertain political and economic situations all impact the Irish business community. Luckily Ireland has a number of fantastic business supports from the likes of the IDA, Enterprise Ireland and IBEC. These organisations are quick to spot trends and offer funding and grants to push Irish companies forward. As a world leader in medical, food and pharma exports we have great expertise in globalised business.

One trend that we hold close to our heart is automation and robotics. Manufacturing automation and robotics has moved very quickly over the past ten years. Prices for industrial robots are dropping rapidly and bringing the payback time down from years to months. We are very proud to have worked with world leading manufacturers like Mergon Group, Kerry Foods, Pepsi and Lufthansa. We strongly believe Ireland is in a fantastic place to lead the world on Robotics and Automation.

Around the world governments are prioritising automation in order to ensure future jobs and economic growth. This makes perfect sense. When you look at the worlds leading robotics markets Korea, Japan and Germany you see some of the lowest unemployment rates in the world. By increasing efficiency, cutting dangerous repetitive tasks and increasing throughput, automation can transform sectors and drive growth.

Taking people away from repetitive and dangerous tasks means they can be retrained into more productive and creative roles. We often see companies that bring in automated robotic production systems grow staff numbers as they expand. This isn’t only happening in Ireland but around the world. In a recent article in Forbes entitled “Why Robots Will Be The Biggest Job Creators In World History”┬áJohn Tammy explains how the automation and robotics revolution will free people from repetitive work and allow them to follow careers in more knowledge based areas.