Soft Robotic Grippers Could Change the Food Industry

The food industry requires serious man power. From farm to plate there are a lot of people involved. Let’s take the example of the distribution centre. 65% percent of the labour in a distribution centre is focused on picking. This is not easy work, lifting and placing produce by hand is tiring and slow.

Robotics and automation has already made an impact in lifting boxes and preparing pallets. Where robots cannot be used is with fresh fruits and vegetables. That is until SoftRobotics came along. Soft robotics have developed some very interesting technology that gives robots a soft touch. Check out SoftRobotics application in the video below.

We think there are many Irish businesses that could gain from the application of this technology. SoftRobotics have recently secured $5 million in venture funding, so let’s hope they bring their product to Irish markets soon.

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