Robotics & Drives Open Day 16th – 17th May 2013

The drive to do business.

For most people the word robot brings to mind an android; something that looks like a metal human. But a robot is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically. A tool; a solution and the leading Irish Robotic and Drives company is here in Mullingar

Next week, Irish industry will descend on Mullingar to visit a unique expo at Robotics& Drives, in Forest Park.

The Mullingar company is showcasing its amazing and award-winning work The event will include live demonstrations of industrial robots, displays of the new technology shaping the future of industry; from the smallest to the largest companies and experts will be on hand to describe how robots have transformed business and all the different work they do.

“This demonstration and display event is the first of its kind in the area. Up until now, people would have to travel to Italy or Germany to see these types of Robotics and Drives.

“We made the decision to showcase our work and to raise awareness that this type of incredible technology is right here in Ireland,” said Sharon McNevin, of Robotics & Drives.

Robotics & Drives was set up in 2005 by Ken McNevin and Stephen Nolan, two men that between them have three and half decades of experience in the world of robotics. There is now a highly skilled team of ten employed in the company.

“Robotics is about finding solutions. Out here in Forest Park we have a close team of engineers, designers, programmers and trade people. We work together to create solutions for business. But there is sense out there that robots are only to be found in the behemoth factories but in fact small businesses benefit from our work too,” explains Stephen.

Some if the Robotics on display will include a payload robot that uses vision to provide robot co-ordinates for assembly of extremely small parts, a picker robot, which is capable of 150 picks a minute and a robot with a mechanical gripper and payload robots.

The demonstrations will also show the variable speed drives available and the innovative ways that Robotics & Drive can reduce energy consumption, saving firms money.

“Electric motors account for forty-five per cent of the total global electricity consumption, so ways to reduce electricity by these drives are a priority for most businesses because it will save them money,” says Ken, “and with that in mind there are demonstrations showing the huge costing savings in euros when using VSDs especially on centrifugal loads.”

It’s bad news for sci-fans though, no androids. The showcase is an invitation-only event for industry.

-The words of local journalist, Una Darcy.