Our Work

The scope and depth of
product and service lines we
deliver is truly distinctive.

We develop intelligent, elegant tailored solutions for our bespoke client
needs that are unique and innovative. We can also supply easy-to-install, proven and standardised robots which will work first time, every time.

Bespoke Solutions

We go above and beyond the most challenging robotic requirements for some of the world’s most progressive manufacturers. But our sense of pride comes from how we achieve this. We use innovative, intelligent solutions to the most complex questions. We’ve installed 220+ bespoke solutions to date, and complete around 30 new bespoke projects each year. If it can be accomplished with robots, we can make it happen – elegantly.

Changeover times reduced from 2 hours to just 5 minutes.
RDS came up with a very innovative concept using the latest in robotics, they convinced us that this was the way to go and they were certainly right. This cell in now a standout for us. With changeover times reduced from 2 hours to just 5 minutes.
Tom Kelly, Production Manager, Trend Technologies

Standard Solutions

Materials, components, boxes, bottles, canisters, tubes, packs, trays, crates, buckets, barrels; if you need it made, moved or packed we can help you do it faster, more precisely, and at a lower cost.

Our Partners Include