3D Bin Picking

Our expertise in 3D vision technology allows us to apply the technology to any solution that requires it. 3D vision cameras are developing rapidly, and RDS are ensuring that we have the skills and innovation to utilize these technologies to their full potential.

3D cameras can be used for a wide range of solutions including surface detection, tracking, random bin picking and more. Here at RDS, we have implemented this technology across a range of solutions.

Random Bin Picking is a breakthrough in automation as it provides the industrial world with new opportunities in automating the production line. An example is as follows:
A 3D camera is set up above the pick position and totes and boxes of bins or bottles are presented beneath it. The camera captures a 3D image of the randomly sorted bins in the box and can detect not only the position of it, but also a sufficient pick surface. This then sends a signal to the robot telling it to pick the bottle on this surface and place it on an outfeed conveyor, for example. The bins can be placed on the conveyor in any required orientation.

This compact intelligent system can be introduced into any production line or assembly unit by our team of professionals in automation.

3D Bin Picker in Action

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  • Speed

    Dependant on Product
  • Payload

    Up to 10kg
  • Footprint

    From 1m x 1m
  • Degree of Freedom

    Up to 8 axis
  • Configuration

    Box infeed / conveyor or packed box outfeed
  • Gripper Type

    Vacuum, clamp or grappler
  • Control System

    Allen Bradley, Siemens or Omron
  • Delivery Time

    From 4 weeks of final order
  • Cost

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  • Supports Multiple Conveyor Types

    Integrates with multiple conveyor types including belt and roller conveyors.
  • Flexible Layout

    Configurable layout to adhere to factory requirements.
  • Minimal Footprint

    Robot can be inverted above existing conveyors for zero footprint.
  • Easy To Use Software

    Touch Screen HMI interface allows for the handling of differently arranged product infeed.
  • CE Certified Safety System

    Fully integrated safety system allows for installation without the need for safety fences.
  • Multiple Gripper Options

    Choose from vacuum, clamp and grappler gripper types.
  • Fast Installation Time

    Pre-tested systems allow for faster factory installation times and minimal disruption and operational downtime.
  • Remote Diagnosis Available

    Our experienced engineers can log in remotely to diagnose any issues in an instant.
  • Easy System Integration

    Monitor the performance of your robot system through statistical feedback.


  • This cell is fully adjustable.
  • All in-feed and out-feed are variable to adhere to the requirements of our customers.
  • In-feed and out-feed methods are fully dependable on the product in question.
  • Robot options available depending on the product.

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