Educational Robot Cell

The Robotic Academy Cell designed by Robotics and Drives is a mobile, compact robot cell, designed specifically for robot training and education. This educational system is for the use of colleges, universities and schools.

The cell’s mobile and compact design allows it to fit through a standard door of 900mm width. This, as well as its casters, provide for a very easy and functional means of transport and storage of the unit.

A variety of robot options can be integrated into this robot cell for further education or demonstration. Some of these robot options are collaborative, meaning there is no need for the upper safety surrounds. These options include: ABB IRB120; ABB IRB 140, ABB IRB 1200; ABB IRB 1400 - YUMI (Collaborative); ABB Single Arm YUMI Robot (Collaborative); TechMan TM5 Robot (Collaborative).

Our Robotic Academy Cell helps provide students with the knowledge of: industrial robot programming and operation skills; industrial robot designs and features; the endless concept ideas for automated systems; using RobotStudio, the off-line programming software for ABB’s Robots; robot health and safety, hazards, and maintenance requirements.


  • Speed

    Pick and place
  • Payload

    Max 7kg
  • Footprint

    Bottom: 0.9m x 2m; Top: 2m x 2m
  • Degree of Freedom

    Robot dependant
  • Robot Options

    ABB IRB120; ABB IRB 140, ABB IRB 1200; ABB IRB 1400 - YUMI; ABB Single Arm YUMI Robot; TechMan TM5 Robot
  • Configuration

    To user requirements
  • Gripper Type

    Vacuum, clamp or grappler
  • Control System

    Allen Bradley, Siemens or Omron
  • Delivery Time

    From 4 weeks of final order
  • Cost

    From €13,000 ex. robot


  • Minimal Footprint

    Robot can be inverted for zero footprint.
  • Easy To Use Software

    Touch Screen HMI interface allows for easily programmed product assemblies.
  • CE Certified Safety System

    Fully integrated safety system allows for installation without the need for safety fences.
  • Multiple Gripper Options

    Choose from vacuum, clamp and grappler gripper types.
  • No Installation Time

    Delivered and done. This cell is transported fully built and ready to go.
  • Fully Mobile

    This small cell on wheels is easily transported whenever it needs to be.


  • Robot options are available.
  • If collaborative robot is chosen, there is no need for safety surround.

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