Standard Palletising Cell

RDS have developed a standardised solution for robot palletising cells. This palletising cell uses the latest in conveyor technology and innovation in robot programming in order to palletise the boxes in the most productive and efficient way possible.

The conveyor tech in this cell allows us to alter the direction of the in-feed boxes by 90 degrees. When the boxes get to the turning point, a perpendicular drive system rises up underneath the conveyor to lift the boxes and control the movement of the boxes onto the next line. This then brings the boxes to the robot pick position, generating a signal to tell the robot to pick the box and commence palletising.

Accumulation processes are implemented on the conveyor to allow the robot to pick multiple boxes at once, providing for a more efficient system.

Multiple pick positions have also been programmed into this system to allow for a faster process.

Standard Palletising Cell in Action

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  • Speed (Multiple Cases)

    Up to 20 cases per minute
  • Payload

    Max 250kg (Larger Robots Available)
  • Footprint

    From 4.8m x 3m
  • Degree of Freedom

    4 axis
  • Configuration

    1 product infeed, 1 pallet station
  • Gripper Type

  • Control System

    Allen Bradley, Siemens or Omron
  • Delivery Time

    From 6 weeks of final order
  • Cost

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  • Supports Multiple Conveyor Types

    Integrates with multiple conveyor types including belt, roller and gravity conveyors.
  • Flexible Layout

    Configurable layout to adhere to factory requirements.
  • Minimal Footprint

    All cells are designed to have the smallest footprint possible.
  • Easy To Use Software

    Touch Screen HMI interface allows for easily programmed pallet patterns, sizes and layers.
  • CE Certified Safety System

    Safety fences, light curtains, safety scanners, interlocking technology and more all allow for a safe factory environment.
  • Multiple Gripper Options

    Choose from vacuum, clamp and grappler gripper types.
  • Fast Installation Time

    Pre-tested systems allow for fast factory installation times and minimal disruption and operational downtime.
  • Remote Diagnosis Available

    Our experienced engineers can log in remotely to diagnose any issues in an instant.
  • Easy System Integration

    Monitor the performance of your robot with access to statistics such as number of picks per hour, pallets completed per day, fault reports, etc.


  • Option of two pallet zones to reduce downtime.
  • Robot options available depending on the requirements.
  • Multiple pick positions available.
  • Multiple product in-feed available with configurable conveyor accessories.

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