Mobile Automation

AIV and AGV Technology

What is Mobile Automation?

Mobile Automation is one of, if not the fastest growing sector in the world of automation today.

Mobile Automation incorporates the movement of goods via autonomous or guided technology. It does so through AIVs (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle) and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle). These driverless vehicles come in different shapes and sizes, capable of transporting various types of goods from boxes to pallets.

The new era of the industrial revolution has seen a move away from the old methods of transporting goods throughout the factory or warehouse environments. In the past, huge lengths of conveyors and manually driven pallet trucks had the responsibility of these monotonous tasks. However, the factories of the future have adopted mobile automation to extract numerous benefits.

Moving goods from A to B, is a task that produces no added value to the goods. This opens up huge potential for ROI, as well as other advantages such as risk reduction, efficiencies and reliability.

Robotics & Drives have the capacity to deliver some of the most advanced AIV technologies.
We are partners with, and exclusive providers for Agilox in Ireland and the UK, one of the worlds leading providers of AIVs in the market.

The Agilox vehicles are AIVs designed for the automated transportation of pallets, through the use of true autonomous navigation. These vehicles have been developed to have features such as self-mapping, integrated fleet management, omnidirectional maneuverability and more.

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